Monday, May 16, 2011

Learning Archery Basics

Part 1

First, stand perpendicular to your target with your feet straddling the shooting line and shoulder width apart. Balance your body weight over the balls of your feet. Stand tall and keep your spine straight, but not stiff because your body needs to absorb the recoil. Place your back foot parallel with the line. Angle your forward foot slightly toward the target with your knees slightly relaxed.

Nocking the arrow refers to the process of placing the arrow nock onto he bowstring, but also involves all the steps involved with getting the arrow ready to shoot. The index featherspoint away from the bow, lay the arrow on thearrowrest, and snap the nock onto the bowstring under the nocking point on the string. The arrow should be under the clicker as you place it on the arrowrest.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Details on the Archery Sets.


1.       Arrow component
1.1   - ACC –Shaft c/w points
1.2   - G- Nocks (ACE/ACC arrows)
1.3   - Fletching glue
1.4   - Fletcher (plastic vanes) (50 per packet)

2.        Bow component
2.1   -  11 metal handle
2.2   -  Carbon limbs
2.3   -  carbon strings
2.4   -  plastic rest
2.5   -  long slight
2.6   - T-Ruler
2.7   -  chest guards
2.8   - l arm guard
2.9   - Beginners finger tab
2.10   - Beginners quiver
2.11      - KY3 bow stand
2.12      - Local soft case
2.13      -  long stabilizer
2.14      -  short stabilizer (per pair)
2.15      -  extender
2.16      -  V-Bar
2.17      -  stick – on clicker
2.18      - Plunger button

    3.       Tools and parts
3.1   - Fletching Jigs Arten Scotland
3.2   - Cartel serving jig with string
3.3   - BCY 350 braided nylon serving .016


RM 3500 PER SET 


Archery Sets Available for Sale!

its a Archery unlike any other. Easy to use, secure, powerful and superable 



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More silver to come..

I would advise people to save in gold and silver. 

Currency depreciation is the loss of value of a country's currency with respect to one or more foreign reference currencies, typically in a floating exchange rate system. 

The cause of gold price flactuate

If you ask yourself or people beside you on “what makes the price of goods and services goes up?” one might say “it is because of inflation, inflation means the rising price of goods and services” and you ask again “inflation? Inflation is only a term, how can it make the price to increase? Some of the people would definitely blurt out the word inflation when they saw there is an increase in the price of goods and services, but do they really know what the meaning of inflation. Inflation can be cause by many factors such as, increase in money supply (act of printing money), cost push inflation (decrease in aggregate supply cause by higher production cost), demand pull inflation (excess demand cause by private and government spending to stimulate investment and expansion), international lending and national debt, a deep drop in exchange rate and taxes. Most of these factors helped in the existence of inflation, where we are the sufferer. Simply to say that inflation occurred as one way to narrow the gap of government’s debt and inviting the people to share their burden in which the additional cost that they have to carry has been transferred to the people. 

What causes the price of gold to be fluctuating?

Selling gold has constantly been well-known among the people during the ancient times and also a major player in the trade market. It was definitely precious metals that keep on attracting the eyes of all who came in contact, regardless of the buyers, sellers and consumers. The fluctuation of the price of gold depends on a variety of situations that revolves around the acquiring and selling of the product in which we could say that the desire for gold has remained the same up until today. 

Gold can be as saving and/or investment vehicles which move up and down and it’s usually difficult to determine what causes the fluctuations. If we based on reality, the gold price directly connected to a few main factors. These factors appear simple on the surface, but are part of a complex system that can be confusing to beginners. These factors may be recognizable to each one of you; however, it can be as a reminder and a basic framework for understanding how gold prices move or it can be use in helping you to identify the best time to sell or buy your gold.

Firstly, we will take a look at currency inflation:

Inflation is often thought of as an increase in the prices of good. For example, when consumers visit the grocery store and notice the price of fruit has increased, they attribute the increase to inflation. This perspective is inaccurate. Inflation is technically an increase in the money supply. This has a direct effect on how gold prices move in relation to a country’s currency.

To explain, suppose you used every U.S. dollar to purchase every product in the world. Further suppose the money supply is then doubled. The extra dollars now floating through the system represent inflation. The value of every existing dollar declines by half. Essentially, it would now require two dollars to purchase something that was once sold for a single dollar.

Gold is used as an exchange unit of value because it cannot be arbitrarily produced. It is a near-perfect store of value against supply and demand. When the supply of dollars (or any currency) is inflated, the price of gold increases as the per-unit value of the currency declines. Conversely, during times of monetary contraction (i.e. when dollars are “soaked up”), the price of gold goes down.

Centtral Banks
The above discussion leads directly into the role of central banks in the context of how they influence gold prices. They can do so in two distinct ways. First, central banks can decide to sell a portion of their reserves or buy more on the market. The amount sold each year is limited to 400 tonnes to help avoid a glut in the market that drives prices downward. The second way central banks influence the price of gold is through loan agreements with the central banks of other nations. This area is incredibly complex and involves the International Monetary Fund.

Both levers (i.e. purchase or sale on the market and loan agreements) have a powerful influence on interest rates and thus, the sale of government bonds. For this reason, central banks usually try to keep the price of gold from climbing.

Increase in Demand
Several other factors can trigger a surge of demand for gold, which pushes its price upward. For example, during times of political unrest and war, countries often travel a path of monetary expansion. This causes the nation's citizens to lose faith in the value of their currency. As a result, they move their assets into gold.

Mining production can also play a role. While gold cannot be arbitrarily produced, it is mined each year throughout the world. Typically, only a small amount is mined, which means the world's "above surface" supply remains relatively static. Large deficits also support high gold prices. When deficits become extremely high, there is a risk of default. This drives people from the nation's currency into gold, triggering another surge in demand (and price).

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Silver Bar for Sale


Preview : Purchasing Power Of Gold And The Web of Debt

Nowadays, Malaysian is more likely to get involve in bank loan which considered as a necessity for them to have it. They tend to acquire a study loan and after they’ve graduated, entered themselves in a career world, they will definitely get a car loan,
personal loan for marriage purposes and also housing loan. From many views of Malaysian citizen, loans are mending to ease individual financial deficit. However, unfortunately, during the last quarter of Malaysian unpayable debts shows that Malaysian is having more debt than it suppose to be. The trend illustrate that, they are more willing to borrow money from banks rather than saving from their monthly income so that they can maximize their needs which means their necessities and even to obtain luxuries goods. If this trend continuously carried to the next generation of Malaysian, we might experience a country that 50% of the citizen will be blacklisted from the bank and also trying hard to pay their debt for all their life.

Furthermore, we can also take a look at the United States subprime mortgage crisis which create a major impact on their people where they are unable to pay their monthly installment and even accompanied with the prices of real estate that remain constant which cause their citizen to face a huge credit crisis and self force to live on the street at their own land. Moreover, Malaysian need to take into consideration on other alternative of saving instead of continue to borrow in order to survive where they can shift their saving strategies to precious metal in Malaysian as many banks have already long started to help Malaysian realize that they can save their money in other ways instead of depending on bank loans in order for them to maximize their needs and wants. Further more, our government should invest more on precious metal industries starting with mining, refinery and even minting as the price of precious metal such as gold are keep bullish in the international market since money is no longer back by gold in 1971. So if we want to achieve the status of high income and develop country before 2020 we should follow China that advising their people to save in gold as the metal is hedge against inflation and hedge against failing currencies. If we can advise people here to start save in gold from now, we can lead Malaysian stop keep on making credit and generate the GDP from public spending and saving or from premium earn from investing in gold.

The issues that we can point out are that, try to spend based on what you earn or save and stop depending on loans because at some point people will face difficulty to paying their installment and trap in " The Web of Debt ".


The objective of this research is to show the disadvantage of bank loans in the long run that people always tend to miss out which starts from studies loan, personal loan, car loan and housing loan. Apart from the negative side of bank loan, it also explains and examines the effectiveness of saving in gold to maximize ones wealth rather than believe by obtaining bank loan will ease ones personal deficit and by showing people that buying necessities and luxuries using monthly saving has less risk compared to signing for loans.